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5 March 2013

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27 August 2012

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Tank You
19 February 2012

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13 February 2012

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1 January 2012

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31 December 2011

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Man on the Wall
12 December 2011

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23 November 2011

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3:33 AM
22 November 2011

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Table 005
19 November 2011

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A Mexican Standoff
31 July 2011

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1 July 2011

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29 June 2011

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Air for One
26 January 2011

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13 January 2011

Recent Comments

I just love the guy!

CarineB on Mush
Beautiful shot !

omid on Layers
very nice & so beautiful!!!!!

chei on Tank You
he's sincere or no longer matter... no wrong or all comes down to one thing...DOING OUR PART, ...

midzfar ham-sy on HOPING FOR HOPE
YOU'RE right. it should available to everyone, Not to "some".

midzfar ham-sy on Tank You
well,we're not really sure if he's just pretending. But honestly,i have a BIG heart to such situation where ...

midzfar ham-sy on A Mexican Standoff
hihi..:') i like cats over dogs.

midzfar ham-sy on A State of Mind
Yeah dude you're right. and be mindful not just with the people around but with the driver.

midzfar ham-sy on Comfort Zone
wahaha. I like this reminds me of my pet named tahome.hihi kudos for your great shot.

midzfar ham-sy on Table 005
Hi,i was brosing on the a couple of days ago, and i saw some of yor photos..and Whew..I was was a great shot ...

ehm nagai on Lady Eagles 2006 co-captain CASSANDRA TIOSECO
WOW..IDOL tlga kita hahay :)if may gusto ako matupad na wish yun eh makita at makipaglaro sayo :| but alam ko naman na ...

Ana Lúcia on Keep Fallin'
I can feel the atmosphere of the shot.

Riccardo on Keep Fallin'
Great shot!

-ken- on Lady Eagles 2006 co-captain CASSANDRA TIOSECO
ganda mu talaga in person.. (^_^) ni hindi man lng nakapagpicture kasama mu ...hehe

Jason Kravitz on A Mexican Standoff
ha good catch - he looks like a sweet boy

Becky on Comfort Zone
There is ALWAYS a place to sit if you're a cat! Great shot.

Hub Pacheco on Lunar E.
Thanks! I didn't catch the full eclipse though. Was way too late in the evening for it. Conked out at about 330AM.

Stefan on Lunar E.
Cool shot, well done!

Curly on Lunar E.
Very well done, we saw nothing at all here!

Curly on Gians' Contact Sheet
Some great fun faces and excitement, I like the presentation.

Hub Pacheco on Greenhills
Thanks, guys! A good rain really brings out nature's colors sometimes!

skarlet on Greenhills
wow! it's really beautiful! great composition and light! i like it...

Céline on Greenhills
Gorgeous !

Jason Politte on Greenhills
Just gorgeous - glad you were there to capture it.

David on Greenhills
Wow, without words ! Love it !

p s|k on Mga Matang Gala (Sneaky Gazes)

Curly on 33s
Ah, so I'm not the only one with a collection of vinyl.

sunstone_maria on Nudge
beautiful delicate tones, beautiful scenery!!!

Sonia Nansid on Nudge
Beautiful tones.

Stefan on Reactor

MEC on Reactor
Very, very beautiful!

GIPSY ELENA on Reactor

zecarlos on Reactor
Great composition.

Sonia Nansid on a knowing glare

acm on Outside Joy
Beautiful moment captured!

Hub Pacheco on OMNI

Florindo on OMNI
Magnifica fotografia.

Garfield on Tailing
A strong image (as strong as the chain links!). The fact of the tension here assumes something on both ends of these ...

Tomek on 2 days ago
The sky is open for everyone. Wonderfull shot. Lovely scenery. Bravo!!

Mar'ya on 2 days ago
heavens are opening:)

guillaume on 2 days ago
fantastic sky !!

Hub Pacheco on Today
more where that came from!

Ayo on Today
Woah! You gotta love Metro Manila sunsets!

guillaume on Air for One
Great shot ! Well seen !

حسن صنوبری on Air for One
very great shot... bravo

Sonia Nansid on Personal Limitation

Sonia Nansid on Complacent

BG on Screams
Liket Liket

Sázky on Dance Floor RGB
exellent shot,great image,bravo

lux on Distanced
How nice and well done!

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