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Posted by
Hub Pacheco (Pasay, Philippines) on 14 November 2006 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Jeepneys - where would I be without them? Nowhere, that's where. I cannot imagine travelling in other countries like the US. Sure, they also have buses and trains, but it is only here in the Philippines (as far as I know) that jeeps reign supreme in travelling. Jeepneys can get you from point A to point B easily, even if point B is in the middle of a long stretch of the road. Aren't there any cops (MMDA) around? Sure there are, but the drivers can and will find a way. Jeeps cost less! For Php 7.50 (roughly USD 15 cents) minimum fare, I can get to the nearest mall from our school! Back that up with knowledge of the various jeepney routes along Metro Manila and you can get to a place you once thought you can only get to by car.
The downside from all these? Traffic, of course, especially during rush hour where dozens compete for the same ride as you are. Pickpockets would be another drawback, although I have yet to experience it. Thank God. You wouldn't believe the MOs of these pickpockets! From distracting you while they shuffle through your belongings to grabbing your stuff from the outside of the jeepney, it is hell! But of course, in the end, for tight-belted people like me, jeeps are the way to go. Point A to Point B? Make it Point A.5!

*A bit of background info: Jeepneys came here in the Philippines during WWII. A few innovations here and there and, over the years, the Filipino entrepreneur turned the small, cramped vehicle into a large, colorful (Jeepney art is another topic altogether.), and still cramped medium of transport that we Filipinos can't live without.

**For more background info about these beloved means of transpo, go here.

Ryan Yam from Quezon City, Philippines

Interesting expression on the guys face, wow you must be really used to shooting in film. Btw, your supposed to be link to the jeepney info isn't working.

14 Nov 2006 3:49pm

@Ryan Yam: I've been shooting with film since high school. I could say that my shooting with film is my version of OLD FAITHFUL.
Fixed the link. Thanks!
By the way, congrats on your 1st place win in the photo contest!

Sidney from Manila, Philippines

Your shooting in film? Wow! The last guard! ;-)
He looks a bit sleepy or he doesn't trust you and your camera.

15 Nov 2006 8:30am

@Sidney: Yeah. i'm one of the last of a dying breed.
He was sleepy. I was sleepy too at that time I shot him.
Thanks for dropping by!

Zach Siebert from Bologna, Italy

i'm quickly becoming a fan of your work. film? brave soul and better for it. i heard mention of a photo contest. are there contests i'm not aware of in our blog community? thanks.

15 Nov 2006 6:31pm

@Zach Siebert: Really? Wow, thanks! I appreciate that.

As for me shooting with film, I'm not brave. I'm just old school. I still can't quite grasp the fact that photography is quickly becoming DE-associated (if there is such a word) with film. Louis Daguerre, although he used emulsion-coated plates for photography, must be rolling over his grave if he lived in our generation! Haha! But technology moves quickly and I will be the first to admit that film photography is slowly getting on my wallet's nerves. It won't be long before I invest on a solid DSLR and reduce my film shooting from full-rime to, oh say, once a month. But until that happens, I'm Mr. Old School!

Photo contest, you say? Sorry, I'm clueless on that one! Thanks for dropping by!

Dona Lowii from Subang Jaya, Malaysia

i just want to say, he looks like jackey chan (old version)

16 Nov 2006 2:35am

@Dona Lowii: He does? I didn't notice. haha! Thanks for dropping by!

Ke Guoqiang from China

Ni de zhaopian hao kan! Tai hao le! I'm becoming a fan of your work here in China. I hope you can visit our place so you can have a feel of the mass media here. Xiexie ni! By the way, I like how you try to explain the Filipino context of your posts, which may not be readily understandable to people like me who are from foreign countries. You're packaging your photo blog that way, huh. It's interesting how you try to capture the international Zhaopian ren, too. Xiexie! Wo yao kan ni. Shenme shihou? Wo ye yao qu Feilubin. Hehe. Zai jian, wo de pengyou!

16 Nov 2006 1:05pm

@Ke Guoqiang: Coming from China's capital, it's strange that your Mandarin is a bit awkward while your English is smooth. Yes, thank you for noticing that. Aminus3 is an international photo sharing community and I try to put everything in context. Thanks for dropping by, Mr. Ke.

Ke Guoqiang from Beijing, China

Here's my city, by the way.

16 Nov 2006 1:06pm

@Ke Guoqiang: where?

Ke Guoqiang from Nanjing, China

Oke. Actually, I'm a correspondent for Dagong bao, too, so we can always tie up. See you, Liang Jiba!

16 Nov 2006 1:36pm

@Ke Guoqiang: I see. That explains it. Be careful with your stories as China is censor heaven on Earth.

Chinkin from Philippines


19 Nov 2006 2:00pm

@Chinkin: Thanks, man!